Grilled Lychee Mai Tai

Makes 2

10 Minutes Easy


1 tbsp Azalea Grapeseed Oil

12 pitted lychees (use fresh or canned but make sure they are very dry by patting with paper towel)

2 oz dark rum

2 oz white rum

2 oz fresh lime juice

1 oz lychee liqueur (we used Paraiso)

½ oz oregeat

½ oz simple syrup

Dehydrated lime wheels (or fresh) and mint, to garnish

Crushed ice



Heat oil in a chargrill pan, over high heat. Add lychees and grill, tossing every 30 seconds, until caramelised. Reserve 2 lychees to garnish, add remaining lychees into the bottom of 2 serving glasses and gently muddle.


In a cocktail shaker combine rums, lime juice, lychee liqueur, oregeat and simple syrup. Fill with ice then shake vigorously until chilled (around 20 seconds).


Top up the serving glasses with crushed ice then strain the mai tai mixture over the top. Skewer a reserved lychee and dehydrated lime wheel (or fresh) and rest on top. Tuck in a generous sprig of mint to serve.