Superfood Grapeseed Oil Brownies

Makes 16 SERVES


400g dark chocolate, chopped
240g Azalea grapeseed oil*, plus extra to grease tin
300g demerara sugar
6 eggs
150g wholemeal flour
Superfood inclusions:  hemp seeds, cacao nibs, goji berries, flaked almonds
Freeze-dried strawberries, to decorate (optional)



Preheat oven to 180°C (160ºC fan).  Lightly grease tin with grapeseed oil and line with baking paper.


Place half the chocolate and oil in a microwave-safe bowl and microwave on high in 30 second bursts until the chocolate is melted.  Stir and allow to sit for 10 mins to cool slightly.


Add the sugar, flour and eggs to the chocolate mixture and stir until well combined.  Fold through the remaining chocolate pieces and add a tablespoon each of cacao nibs and hemp seeds and a small handful each of goji berries and almonds and fold until just combined.  Pour the mixture into the prepared tin and bake for 30–35 minutes or until cooked when tested with a skewer.  Sprinkle with extra hemp seeds and cacao nibs, then crush over freeze dried strawberries (if using) to decorate.


Allow brownie to cool completely in the tin before cutting into 16 rectangles.